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The Music Department of CSUC

Brief: The Department of Music at California State University, Chico was looking to update their aging website. The old website no longer met state-wide standards for accessible government websites. It was also incapable of expanding to accommodate the introduction of new programs within the department.

Approach: When planning the new design, I focused on two things: Improving the navigation, and creating a design that was unique but still followed campus design standards.

Solution: The navigation of the website was divided into 2 sections. One section was for main navigation and the second section was for audience-related navigation. This made it easy for a diverse audience of students, parents, and faculty to navigate through the website.

When approaching the design I decided to use patterns and textures that would give the website an organic, humanistic feel. The floral pattern was made to create a sense of movement and energy throughout the design. It also became a recurring element that brought together different sections and created continuity.

Unfortunately as the design approached completion, a change in administration sent the website back into its planning stages.