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Kevin Cornell Poster

Brief: In this typographic exercise our goal was to choose a designer, understand his approach to design, and create a poster that follows that approach.

Approach: I decided to base my poster on the work of Kevin Cornell. Kevin is well known for his illustrative typography. Kevin also uses illustrations to reinforce the message within bodies of text.

Solution: The design and illustration were based on a quote from an article on Kevin at I shortened the quote, but the overlying message still remains:

"Hand written type is the birth and death of a typeface in a single piece of work."

This led to the illustration of a stork as a symbol of birth. However, just as the typeface enters the world it slips out the back of the stork's blanket, leaving the rest of the world with only a glimpse of its beauty.

The typography was done by hand and some watercolors (a common medium of Kevin's) were added to the background to give the poster some color.

Credit: Original stork illustration ©

Special thanks to Kevin Cornell for being friendly and answering emails.