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Flash Projects

  1. Getting Connected
  2. Animals Close-Up
  3. The Cliche Cat

Client Related Projects

  1. Summer Orientation (Web)

Other Campus Projects

  1. Department of Music (Web)
  2. Summer Orientation (Web)
  3. Campus Directory (Print)

CSU, Chico Getting Connected

Brief: CSU, Chico's getting connected program publishes an annual flash card to promote its website to new students. This year, they were using the new campaign being featured on the Getting Connected and Summer Orientation websites. The flash card consists of a brief opening animation and links to the website.

Approach: Designing the websites gave me experience with the graphics and their possibilities, so I focused on the interaction of elements to create a unique experience.

Solution: Using sunrays, I created a playful swipe motion to reveal the elements on the page. It successfully converged the goals of the old promotion with the image of the new campaign.

Credits: Sun illustrated by Leya Belmonte.